What moves us at Excel Transportation? Our equipment. Our specialized equipment is among the best and most modern in the fibre industry today. Our high standards of maintenance ensure that every load gets delivered safely, and on time. Our mandate is to have the right equipment to deliver our customers products safely, efficiently and effectively.


Our equipment list includes:

Chip Trailers

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Chip Trailers: 3 Different Length Combinations

Used mainly for hauling wood chips. Once on the dumpers the centre doors open and chips flow through the trailers into the pit.

Excel has three different length combinations: full extensions are used for lighter wood fibre to maximize volume, partial trailer sets with an extended "A" box and shorter "B box" are good for a combination of wood weights, and the regular length trailers are strictly used for the heavier green wood.



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53' Self-Unloaders

Used for trim blocks, hog and chips from bush grinders, and hauling products from difficult to access areas.

The trailers have a hydraulic walking floor for off-loading at locations where there are no off-loading facilities.


End Dumps

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End Dumps

End-dumps are used for hauling chips and waste wood (hog). The "A" and "B" box are hydraulic. The "B" box is unloaded and split apart, the tri-axles then slide under the "A" box allowing for easier off-loading.

Used at locations with no off-loading facilities.